My name is Jenn Grimmett. Born in the South, called Boston home for nearly two decades, and am now back in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Professionally, I have spent a great deal of time within the worlds of Academia, Agriculture, and Justice Advocacy. Personally, I have spent even more time engaging in various types horticulture therapy as a modality for healing. My background includes years of program design for teams and groups looking to advance skills and knowledge in areas of diversity, inclusion, leadership, and cultural intelligence.

I believe that every person is entitled to an equitable lived experience. My commitment to moving us all towards this goal has guided my approach to community engagement, in providing direct support to folks seeking that resource, as well as challenging systems and philosophies perpetuating the status quo. This site’s purpose is to integrate aspects of education, experiences, and opportunities to get involved in our community. I am always looking for ways to connect with folks, particularly through partnerships to kick up systemic dust. We are stronger together.