Power Restored To Brooklyn Jail Where Inmates Went A Week Without Heat

This article offers a bit of perspective for how incarcerated individuals are often not seen as human to the systems (and people within those systems) they are bound to. I am not proposing there to be no consequences for criminal acts. Rather, I am proposing that when we fail to see past the crime, instead seeing incarcerated folks as objects and property, we are simply feeding an extension of legalized slavery.

“For the past week, many inmates had been on lockdown in cells without electricity or heat during days of bitter cold.’How is that? We live in a third-world country?’ the mother of one inmate, Yvonne Murchison, asked. “Where’s the president on this? He’s worrying about the wrong issue; where’s he on this? Everybody in there’s not guilty, and even if they were, they’re human beings.”

  Click on the image below to access the full article. 

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