NC: Why asking your representatives in the General Assembly to vote YES for clean Medicaid Expansion will literally save lives!

Today, members of Down Home NC came together for a public demonstration at the Real Estate office of Senator Rick Gunn to expand healthcare coverage. Community members shared stories about how being in the Medicaid coverage gap has negatively impacted their lives with handmade signs, Valentine’s day cards, and other visuals to communicate that life and death should not be for sale.

The facts don’t lie: 14,000 rural jobs would be created, we could save our struggling rural hospitals, 500,000 North Carolinians wouldn’t have to worry themselves to death about whether or not they can go to the doctor, 23,000 vets would get the critical coverage they need. Next stop: the NC General Assembly on February 27th to make Medicaid expansion real! 

Click here to watch the video!