The Impatience of White Fragility

In June 2014, I formally began my training and work as an anti-racism advocate. It was also in June 2014 that I came very close to walking out on that formalized training because another White participant shamed me in front of the group. Over the course of the six years since that moment, I have [...]

A Podcast for and by Black and Brown Girls & Women

Learning, Lifting, Leading: Social Equity for and by Black and Brown Girls & Women It is with great pride and excitement that I get to share my recent work with you today! Learning, Lifting, Leading: Social Equity for and by Black and Brown Girls & Women. I invite you to listen to the stories of [...]

Power Restored To Brooklyn Jail Where Inmates Went A Week Without Heat

This article offers a bit of perspective for how incarcerated individuals are often not seen as human to the systems (and people within those systems) they are bound to. I am not proposing there to be no consequences for criminal acts. Rather, I am proposing that when we fail to see past the crime, instead [...]

Bryan Stevenson Wants the U.S. to Face Its History

I think that what we, as White people, often forget is how demoralizing it is to oppressed peoples when cultural markers of White Supremacy are celebrated and idolized. This article by Bryan Stevenson is an abbreviated version of his interview with the New York Times, but nonetheless a powerful reflection and call to action. It [...]

How White People Can Hold Each Other Accountable to Stop Institutional Racism

I found this article by chance was surprised to see that so much of the language used in our Accomplice: Deconstructing the Role of the White Ally workshops aligned. Well, maybe more pleased than surprised... Now before you frown on the source, Teen Vogue, I ask that you first read the piece. Teen Vogue has [...]

THE ACCOMPLICE: Deconstructing the Role of the White Ally

Local friends! Let's do this (and if you are unable to attend, spread the word)! Join us for this half-day workshop that will challenge and expand your way of thinking about race, racism, and white allyship. We will engage in tough conversations about the role of dismantling white supremacy through the lens of the white [...]

A short letter to my fellow well-intended White people: please stop posting pictures of yourself wearing a ‘cleansing mask.’

Dear well-intended White people, I'm writing to you today to make a simple ask: please stop posting pictures of yourself wearing a face mask. I know that for most folks the intent is simply to promote a product that has brought you joy, or that it feels silly to post a picture where you're looking [...]

Parole Process: gateway to freedom or pathway to persecution?

A lawsuit in Missouri has kicked up some dust from the unregulated practices involved within the parole process. Personally, I was stunned to read that 'About 19 percent of the 600,000 people entering the nation’s prisons in 2016 were there for violating their parole, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.' Specifically I was surprised [...]

NC: Why asking your representatives in the General Assembly to vote YES for clean Medicaid Expansion will literally save lives!

Today, members of Down Home NC came together for a public demonstration at the Real Estate office of Senator Rick Gunn to expand healthcare coverage. Community members shared stories about how being in the Medicaid coverage gap has negatively impacted their lives with handmade signs, Valentine’s day cards, and other visuals to communicate that life [...]

A Mashup: Red for Ed NC + Celebrating Black History Month

I want to first toss it out there that we should be fighting for public education and celebrating Black History every single day of the year. Not just on a Wednesday and not just in February. Every. Single. Day. Black History is OUR history and without public educations, well - - most of us would [...]