Power Restored To Brooklyn Jail Where Inmates Went A Week Without Heat

This article offers a bit of perspective for how incarcerated individuals are often not seen as human to the systems (and people within those systems) they are bound to. I am not proposing there to be no consequences for criminal acts. Rather, I am proposing that when we fail to see past the crime, instead [...]

Bryan Stevenson Wants the U.S. to Face Its History

I think that what we, as White people, often forget is how demoralizing it is to oppressed peoples when cultural markers of White Supremacy are celebrated and idolized. This article by Bryan Stevenson is an abbreviated version of his interview with the New York Times, but nonetheless a powerful reflection and call to action. It [...]

Welcome to ‘justice for all’

First, thank you for taking the time to visit this site. You may be wondering what the site is all about, why I felt the need to put it together. The short answer is: I have a lot of thoughts. The longer answer is that I wanted to create an environment where I could centralize [...]